Our Parisian workshop and office


Natives K is a modest fashion brand, which mean less revealing of skin and shapes. 

We are based in Paris, where all our models are designed.

We want to higlight all modest women, to sublimate them with clothes so that they can express and empower themselves.

The models are designed to be suitable for everyday life, while being modest.

For each model, we choose quality fabrics to be fashionable and comfortable.

Natives K is for all women wanting to be beautiful, strong, elegant, while maintaining their convictions.



Natives K has real concerns about the environment, and brings this commitment to all stages of its production.

This is why, for our fist collection CITY GIRL, we use upcycled fabrics, from end-of-production rolls, as well as recycled packaging.

Discover our first collection CITY GIRL, for active modest women.