« I saw that certain doors were closed to me because of my hijab. I started to create my own clothes so that they would be trendy while modest.»

Kenza, Founder & Designer


Since her young age, Kenza, the founder of Natives K, has always been passionate about fashion. As a child, she would read Vogue, which her mother bought for her, and she would organise amateur fashion shows with her friends.

Upon arriving in Paris, she enrolled in the capital's most prestigious school, ESMOD. There, she discovered the world of Parisian fashion, as well as the codes of French couture and its refinement.

French-North African origin, and above all a hijabi woman, she realised that it was difficult to access certain circles and that there was a dress-based discrimination. She then decided to found Natives K in 2023, a modest ready-to-wear brand for everyday, so that no woman would ever have to choose between modesty and style again.

Our pieces are handmade in our Parisian workshop.

We use quality upcycled fabrics, from Parisian couture houses end of collections.


Our collections are entirely designed and made in Paris (France), the fashion capital. Our pieces are handmade in a Parisian workshop.

Natives K strives to have a positive impact on the environment and society. This is why we have chosen to work locally. Additionally, we use upcycled fabrics, meaning those from the end of collections of Parisian couture houses. In this way, we fight against waste and use high-quality existing fabrics.

Self-confidence and elegancy are the key elements when it comes to outfits and looks. Our collection consists of stylish ready to wear, that are both modest and on-trend, regardless of your interpretation of modesty.

Our quality items, fitted but not form-revealing support your personal style and boost your self-confidence.

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